The importance of the garden and patio as an extension of the home has grown tremendously over the last few years. Designers worldwide put their talent into shaping furniture, light fixtures and even weather-resistant textiles to make one’s yard look as smart as a living room.

At ZEE-USA we like to take things one step further and focus on the details as well.

The water hose is probably one of the most essential exterior tools. We use it to feed plants, vegetables and flowerbeds; we clean tools, muddy boots, bikes and cars with it. And during the summer it fills up swimming pools, water guns and balloons to bring coolness and endless fun. Surprisingly, not much attention has been paid to its design so far.

So at ZEE_USA we agreed it was time for a change. By selecting contemporary colours and going for the ‘unicolour’ look, we have managed to produce real design objects, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space even more.

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