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The brand ZEE started in 2012.


Peter who was (and still is) an agent for different design accessory brands for the BELUX market wanted to create a design product from a to z.

But everything is already (re-) designed and this makes a new product difficult to stand out.
Finally he saw the light in garden accessories, more specific a garden hose reel.

ZEE means SEA in Dutch, so “mirtoon” a sea in the Mediterranean was chosen as the first product name. It received the “Herman Van De Velde label” with its launch.

In 2014 Luc, who is an agent and distributor of design accessories and furniture for the Benelux joined to build the brand ZEE.
He is the sales and marketing force and makes the brand known the world around.

Zee stands for fun, affordable and surprising design for the garden.

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